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When learning French, it is overwhelming the large quantity of homophones; and if you come from a language with few vowels (like Spanish with 5 vowels), the list of homophones gets "larger", because many of the vowels in French (in some variations, up to 17 vowels) can be easily confused. While others hear an obstacle, I hear an golden opportunity for puns and wordplays. Among the last ones, this post aim to record some names for businesses in French that I've conceived. Feel free to use any of them, it will be amazing to see them in wild.

Names for businesses

Name Description
____ _____
Lièvrason [adjectif] Delevery service (preferentially with a hare) mascot
Bélangerie Bakery on Bélanger street
Kayak Cartier Manufacturer or store for aquatic sport equipment
Can-nuk Winter accessories for dogs
Chaton Frontenac Cat or animal store


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