Personal blog and hacks by Raymundo Cassani


My name is Raymundo Cassani, I'm a researcher with an interdisciplinary formation, that includes biomedical signal processing, mainly ECG, respiration, PPG and EEG, and some experience with eye tracking, EOG, EMG, fNIRS and mmWave radar signals, all of this with applications in health diagnostics, human-machine interaction, entertainment and neurotechnologies. With a background in electrical engineering, specifically communications and electronics, I'm a person who finds enjoyment in improving, repairing and modifying, also, rarely messing stuff :( I find great joy at learning a bit of everything, my bet is that a bit of everything is better that everything of a bit. Some of my beside-research interests are data visualization, maps, beavers, videogames, science fiction, languages, (gear) mechanisms, etc. The goal of this blog is:

  • Share some of my work, projects, experiences, dilemmas and / or solutions to problems (with software, hardware, methods, etc.) that I've encountered and expended a significant amount of time on them. Hopefully this will serve as timesaver and inspiration to others (including a future-me).

Why CastorisCausa?

From Latin Castoris (or related to the beaver) and Causa (cause), then roughly: "For the sake of the beaver". The beaver (genus Castor), its nature and behaviour have always evoked my admiration and sympathy; being a semi-aquatic animal, it gets the best of two worlds. The beaver is the vivid description of hard work, dexterity and ingenuity. Not surprisingly, it has been taken as mascot by several engineering schools around the world.

Drawing by Zu


For feedback, suggestions or complains, leave a comment in the respective post. Alternatively, my contact info is at the bottom of the page.